Apple recently announced its new partnership with TuneIn this week, revolutionizing the digital radio industry. This partnership likely means that voice-activated radio is on the horizon for audio consumers across the world.

The partnership creates unprecedented accessibility between consumers and all of TuneIn’s radio stations across the world. Now Apple Music users will be able to listen to their favorite TuneIn radio stations with a simple voice command.

TuneIn will also be integrated into the new iPhone 11 iOS system. The radio stations will be available on all Apple devices with an iOS13 operating system. TuneIn will be available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, CarPlay, and HomePod.

TuneIn has over 100,000 global radio stations and 75 million monthly active users. With this new partnership, Apple’s 50 million subscribers will now also have access to all of TuneIn’s content. There are over 1.4 billion Apple devices across the world.

Apple users will also have access to TuneIn’s podcast content which has over 5.7 million podcasts to choose from for listeners.

Stay tuned…