Edison Research has a released a new presentation on audio consumption, showing that audio and how we consume it continues to evolve. With its new “Top 10” list, Edison shows what today’s audio consumers look for in their audio content.

While the Top 10 list found that consumers use a variety of mediums for audio, radio broadcasting steadily remains the most popular and most used form of audio consumption, accounting for 44% of all audio consumption among respondents.

The list found that older audiences in particular continue to utilize radio, 63% of all audio consumers over age 55 claim they only use radio for audio consumption. Radio is still popular with younger audiences. Forty-seven percent of respondents aged 35-54 and 27% of respondents aged 13-35 say that radio is also their primary form of audio consumption.

The list also found that smartphones and social media are becoming more popular for radio and audio consumption, with 26% of respondents say they use their smart phones to access their audio.  Around 70% of respondents had said that they listened to at least one podcast on social media or via a website such as YouTube.

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