At 647 pages, the AP Stylebook is used as a writing tool in newsrooms, classrooms and corporate offices worldwide. It provides fundamental guidelines for spelling, language, punctuation, usage and journalistic style. It’s considered the industry standard for journalism. The Stylebook is available in print and in several digital formats.

Some of the most important changes in 2019 to the Stylebook are as follows:

  • Use the % symbol in all but casual uses: 53% of Americans, but he has a zero percent chance.
  • Removal of hyphen from African American and other dual heritage terms.
  • Use accent marks and other diacritical marks in the names of people who request them.
  • Vape or vaping is inhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette or other vaping device (not vape device).
  • The hyphen is no longer used in double-e combinations (reelection, preempt), reflecting usage.
  • Removed hyphen from passerby and bestseller.
  • Do not use the term sic to indicate incorrect spelling or usage.
  • STEM is acceptable on first reference.
  • Grassroots is now one word, as is babysit and budtender.
  • Macedonia is now North Macedonia.

Perhaps most importantly, Santa Claus can be referred to as Santa in any reference. You’ll be put on the naughty list if you use Claus on second reference. However, Mrs. Claus is acceptable for Santa’s wife.

Stay tuned…