As media relations, marketing, and communication professionals, we are all likely reading to further our minds and our writing. Here are the books our team recommends to keep your mind sharp for the upcoming year.

Susan Apgood recommends:

Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover. This book taught me that you cannot understand what makes up a person until you learn all about where they are from, and what experiences they have been through, and how they got to where they are today. Love this story about a person who had so much against her really working hard to become a great success. It is a true American novel.

Kelsey O’Planick and Michael Shulman recommend:

Michelle Obama’s Becoming. Kelsey says, this was the first book I read after I had my son (as you can imagine, it took me a while to get through at that point). She is such a strong and smart woman, and the book was powerful, funny, motivating & relatable all at the same time.

Michael says it’s pretty neat to see how someone of her status really connects with ordinary people, like us. She outlines how in our country one can really start with very little means and power, but with education, hard work and initiative can grow to limitless heights. An incredible example for all of us.

Carolyn Mulreed recommends:

The Book of Gutsy Women by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. It’s a compilation of short stories about courageous and inspirational women throughout history. Although it’s an easy read, it’s incredibly empowering and I keep on my coffee table for guests to look through.

Ryan Miller recommends:

Friendship by Lydia Denworth. While not yet quite released, this is the book Ryan is most looking forward to reading himself. Science journalist Lydia Denworth takes a fascinating deep dive into the societal, emotional, and health benefits of our everyday relationships.

Scott Lynch recommends:

The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters that talks about controlling our impulses and actions especially when emotions are high. I read it because I am always working on myself and my mindspace in order to get continue to grow more focused and professional.

Sophie Harcleroad recommends:

Rust: The Longest War by Jonathan Waldman. Man vs. Nature. The scariest infrastructural enemy that erodes our bridges, cars, and even almost brought down the statue of Liberty! This might seem like such a dull topic, but Waldman makes the book so interesting using his humor and storytelling ability. It’s so fun and educational!

What book do you recommend for 2020? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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