NPR and Edison Research recently released a new report on smart speakers and how they impact audio consumption. The Winter 2019 Smart Audio Report reveals that smart speakers are taking on a larger role in audio consumption globally.

The Smart Audio Report found that 24% of all U.S. adults own at least one smart speaker, a large increase from 7% in December 2017. There are over 157 million U.S. households that own smart speakers which is an 135% increase from 67 million in December 2017. The report also found that households and adults who own smart speakers usually own multiple versions, with an average of 2.6 smart speakers per household.

When it comes to audio consumption via smart speakers, the report indicates multiple growing trends. Seventeen percent of survey respondents said that they used smart speakers as their main medium for audio consumption, the third highest of all mediums listed. The smart speakers’ ability to stream online audio is one of its most popular uses with 46% of respondents indicating they use their smart speakers to stream online audio.

Smart speakers have also begun to dip into the AM/FM radio listener base with 24% of respondents saying that they use their speakers to listen to terrestrial radio, a significant rise from 18% in December 2018.

This report gives us interesting insight into smart speakers and technology that will continue to develop and provide listeners with new avenues to access audio.

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