H Code released a new report analyzing how the U.S. Hispanic population utilizes digital mediums. The report finds Hispanic audiences to be very connected and digitally adapted. When it comes to audio consumption, the report finds that the U.S. Hispanic audience continues to increasingly use these new digital mediums to find audio content.

Around 85% of survey respondents say they listen to audio content online, and 90% of respondents say that they use digital mediums to stream radio.

The report also found that while content providers such as Pandora and Spotify continue to serve as the main “digital streamers,” listeners are actively seeking out other mediums, with 73% of survey respondents reporting they stream audio content outside of Pandora and Spotify.

When it comes to digital advertising, the report finds an audience that would like to see more personalized ads. The report indicates that most of the respondents feel as if they are an “untapped” target audience for advertisers with 78% of respondents saying that they would like to see “authentic” advertisements featured on digital mediums. Sixty-nine percent of survey respondents felt as if digital platforms should have more targeted ads towards the Hispanic community.

The report reveals that digital platforms will continue to allow for advertisers and content producers to reach a more diverse and expanded audience.

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