Americans are continuing to turn to radio for news during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Daily habits are hard to break; if you are attached to your local radio host, it is comforting to hear their familiar voice while listening to the radio at home.

According to Brad Kelly, managing director of Nielsen Audio, “…60% of Americans adults 18 and older hold radio in high regard and trust it to deliver timely information about the current COVID-19 outbreak.” In addition, 46% say local radio informs listeners which stores are open and where to shop locally.

Additionally, a new study from Havas Group shows that younger consumers are embracing radio. According to “Meaningful Media in the Time of COVID-19,” 33% of those 18-24 say that they have increased their consumption of radio. Radio is free, entertaining, and allows for people to hear local stories as well as national news. It’s no wonder that audio consumption has increased during the pandemic.

Media buying agency Mindshare reports that as the lockdown continues, people are spending more time with audio entertainment. Of those surveyed by Mindshare , one-in-four (26%) Americans report they’re dedicating more time to podcasts. This correlates with data released by Podtrac, showing an increase in amount of podcast downloads and size of podcast audiences.

Some more good news for radio fiends, Fortune reports that SiriusXM is temporarily suspending its subscription fees to allow more entertainment for those stuck inside. The satellite radio service will offer free access to its channels through May 15.

Stay tuned…