A recent story from Inside Radio highlights the rise in radio listenership during mid-March in the U.S. and Canada. Around sixteen thousand radio listeners were surveyed in association with the Radio Advertising Bureau. More than one in four listeners say that they are listening to radio more frequently during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic or not, the survey shows that listening in the car is still the most common way people consume radio. Twenty seven percent of respondents say that they are listening in their homes, while 47% note listening “a lot” while driving.  Along with radio, streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu have had a net viewership gain of 47%.

For the most part, listeners report that radio stations have been finding the right balance of both information and entertainment during the pandemic. Six in ten respondents rate their home station as excellent since the coronavirus outbreak. Half of respondents say that they now have a stronger connection to their favorite radio station than before the pandemic.

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