A recent Cision webinar discussed the importance of your press release, offering strategies to make your press release stand out from others. How you craft your release plays a large role in determining how much pick-up your story will receive.

Although it may seem like we are getting back to basics here, it can always be helpful to put a few reminders in our head. In order for a press release to be newsworthy, it needs to have a hook that will bring in readers. You want a press release that makes it easy for journalists and the public to understand your message.

There are five elements that make a story newsworthy. The first is timeliness. Current news is more interesting than something that happened last week or last year. Second, proximity/location of the news. People care more about things if it is happening where they live. Your press release should have a human-interest element. If your news can draw emotion from the readers, it will help drive them to support your cause. In order for a press release to make an impact, it must clearly lay out how the story will affect your audience. The last element is relevance. A strong press release will show the public the importance of the news and how it could impact their lives.

If you apply these elements in crafting your release, it will make your writing stronger, and help make your press releases stand out from the rest.

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