With changing safety regulations and our effort to #stopthespread, the development of Virtual Satellite Media Tours (VSMTs) have been instrumental in delivering clients’ stories to the media. Satellite Media Tours have always been a staple in the media relations business, but the virtual aspect of the Virtual Satellite Media Tour has made a huge impact in broadcasting during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Atomik Research, our in-house research division, more than half (56%) of Americans say they are watching more local TV news, highlighting the importance of VSMTs.

How does a Virtual Satellite Media Tour work?

A few days before the tour, a Zoom link is provided to you and the stations that scheduled interviews. This ensures that stations have the link prepared, and that the spokesperson can rehearse the virtual tour. Our team can then evaluate the spokesperson’s setup, making sure the lighting is good, the internet speed is sufficient, and the audio is high quality.

The day of the tour, you and the spokesperson each can join the Zoom link that was provided for the rehearsal. A new room is established, guided by the engineer’s instruction, followed by a final check of the spokesperson’s background, lighting, audio, and strength of signal. Once the tour begins, our producer informs the spokesperson which outlet and reporter they are speaking with next, the length of the interview, and whether it is for tv or radio. In between interviews, you can unmute yourself and give feedback to the spokesperson.

Some best practices for Virtual Satellite Media Tours include:

  • Conduct the interviews in a quiet room that is well-lit and has balanced lighting, ideally with a background similar to a traditional SMT studio, such as a library, office or kitchen, depending on the topic
  • Use a laptop or tablet with a camera, preferably with a camera at the top of the laptop, not at the bottom
  • Ensure a strong internet signal, with a minimum internet upload speed of 3MG, although 5MG is preferred
  • Use ear buds for outbound and inbound audio

Taking into consideration the newsworthiness of your organization’s message, the ease and frequency of using Zoom, and the safety recommendations in place, VSMTs are an ideal solution to ensure your story still gets the attention it deserves.

Innovation and creativity in our industry has never been more crucial, for clients as well as ourselves.  If you have a story to tell and you would like to learn more about our Fully Virtual Satellite Media Tour, please don’t hesitate to contact us.