News Generation is an issue-driven media relations services company specializing in using broadcast media techniques — from satellite media tours and radio media tours to audio bite lines and public service announcements — to earn media placements for associations, non-profits, government agencies, and clients of public relations firms.

Since 1997, our number one goal is to pitch credible, newsworthy information to stations and networks seeking high quality content.  Our award-winning expertise lies in matching the appropriate services to maximize our clients’ exposure on the best possible stations and networks.  Through our long-standing relationships with reporters and stations, we have the know-how and tenacity to get the best placements with the right contacts.

Our station and network database is updated daily with potential to reach more than 16,000 radio and television outlets. All services are available in English and Spanish. News Generation is a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).


You are told, “You will get guaranteed placements,” as if that is a good thing: You want your organization or your client to earn coverage. If you wanted to pay stations you would purchase advertising time.

Your stories are being pitched together with several other stories: You want your news to receive the individual attention it deserves, not be pitched to reporters on a “platter” of stories to pick from.

Your pitch is not followed up on, and you cannot find out when and how your story was used: Your clients or your executives are constantly asking you for numbers. You know you have to give them the information on their ROI, but you just can’t seem to get answers from your media relations firm.

You seem to never get your usage reports: You hire a media relations company and it takes what seems to be forever to get a final report with details of final airing and usage information.

You are looking for guidance on what is likely to be successful, and want advice on tailoring your message to broadcast: You feel like your current media relations firm is more interested in just making a sale than working with you and your message. You want input and tips on how to make your story as successful as possible.

We Hear You. 

You want to work with an advisor, a partner. With us, you get an agency that will help you mold your story so it will have the best success on the radio, and not a firm that will just take your story and force it to fit into a cookie cutter approach.

You know that your story has merit and is newsworthy.  With us, your story airs in news and public affairs programming, not in that weird grey space between commercials and the show. We never buy time. Maintaining our relationship with reporters is of utmost importance to us. They trust that the news we are offering them is worth their time and a place in their newscast.

Your story should not be pitched at the same time as other stories. With us, your story is individually pitched, so a station accepts or rejects your story based on the merit of your story only, not a string of stories. And only stations that meet your specific demographic requirements are targeted and pitched.

You know how important concrete numbers are in reporting. With us, you receive a comprehensive follow up usage report one week after your project to find out how stations used your story, how many people heard it, and where.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Give us a call to discuss your story, your ideas and your needs. Call Susan Apgood at 301-664-6448 or email sapgood@newsgeneration.com.