We offer an in-house podcast production studio, available for the public to rent. Located in our downtown Bethesda, MD office, the studio is equipped with all the recording and production equipment you will need to record your podcast. Our soundproof curtains help ensure the best sound quality for your podcast. Rent by the half-hour and choose whether to include an engineer and any post-editing in your package. We are happy to simply rent you the space or be as involved as you would like.

A podcast is an audio file capturing a conversation and can be narrated, or series of soundbites and/or, announcements. Consumers, association members, reporters and internal employees can access them from your website, intranet and/or hosting service.

Benefits of Podcasts:

  • Ability to put a personal touch and voice to internal and external communications;
  • Cost-effective way to distribute content; and
  • Position spokespeople and organizations as thought-leaders.

The Service Includes:

  • Rental of our podcast recording studio in our downtown Bethesda office, across from the Bethesda metro; and
  • Ability to add on hosting assistance, engineering and post-editing, for an additional cost.

To Begin, the Following is Needed:

  • Two business days lead time to schedule the recording with our in-house engineer.

Studio Rental Only:

  • 30-minute rental: $60
  • One-hour rental: $100
  • 1.5-hour rental: $135
  • Two-hour rental: $165

Additions are available to add on, including a News Generation engineer; basic post-editing; and the option for News Generation to be a partner in the full planning, engineering, production, and editing of your podcast. Please email or call for rates.