A podcast is an audio file with narration and series of soundbites, announcements or a conversation with a spokesperson(s). Consumers, association members, reporters and internal employees can access them from your website, intranet and/or hosting service. The podcast can also be accessed via broadcastnewsresource.com, and can be downloaded or streamed online to a computer or mobile device.


The Service Includes:

  • Outlining the podcast structure, and working together to write the narration, spokesperson soundbites and/or Q&A for recording;
  • A full interview will be conducted with the spokesperson or spokespeople and a member of our experienced broadcast team, in person or over the phone;
  • If including recorded narration in podcast, talent will be acquired to record the introduction, transitions and close;
  • All post-production and editing services, to include up to three revisions;
  • Ability to review and request changes before final podcast is delivered;
  • Placement on our content website, broadcastnewsresource.com; and
  • Assistance in hosting podcast, if requested.

Benefits of Service:

  • Ability to put a personal touch and voice to internal and external communications;
  • Cost-effective way to distribute content;
  • Ability to reach consumers directly; and
  • Position spokespeople and organizations as thought-leaders.



To Begin the Service, the Following is Needed:

  • Background information – a press kit, press releases, fact sheets, and/or articles to write the introduction and questions;
  • A conversation to determine the type of podcast, length and conversation-style;
  • Spokesperson’s availability for recording; and
  • Minimum of ten business days lead time before requested recording date.


Below is a podcast on “Make Eye Health a Priority During Healthy Vision Month” with Dr. Rachel J. Bishop, National Eye Institute:

Below is a sample podcast on Media Training:


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