radio media tour (RMT) is a series of back-to-back radio interviews that allows a spokesperson to be interviewed by multiple radio stations and/or networks within a few hours. RMTs generally take about two to four hours of the spokesperson’s time, depending on how many interviews are completed. Interviews are typically booked in ten-minute windows, allowing a maximum of six scheduled interviews per hour.


The Service Includes:

  • Writing the pitch notification (with your final approval);
  • Targeting appropriate stations and/or networks;
  • Personalized phone pitching, and sending background information to interested stations and networks;
  • Booking interviews during designated interview times;
  • Issuing a broadcast alert, if necessary;
  • Twenty-Minute Media Training for your spokesperson;
  • Emailing scheduled stations and networks background information;
  • Confirming scheduled interviews approximately 24 hours in advance;
  • Teleconferencing with a dedicated News Generation moderator;
  • One open line into the teleconference for you or your client to listen in;
  • Placement on our content website,;
  • Audio copy of each interview from the tour;
  • Verification of usage to 100% of stations/networks conducting interviews;
  • Engaging monitoring companies to help verify usage; and
  • Final Broadcast Usage Report to include full usage information five business days after the tour.

Benefits of Service:

  • Effective use of spokesperson’s time;
  • Allows spokesperson direct interaction with reporters; and
  • Maximizes on-air time for your spokesperson, organization and issue.

Since 1997, our number one goal is to pitch credible, newsworthy information to stations and networks seeking high quality content.  Our award-winning expertise lies in matching the appropriate services to maximize our clients’ exposure on the best possible stations and networks.  Through our long-standing relationships with reporters and stations, we have the know-how and tenacity to get the best placements with the right contacts.

Our station and network database is updated daily with potential to reach more than 16,000 radio and television outlets. All services are available in English and Spanish.


To Begin the Service, the Following is Needed:

  • Background information — a press kit, press releases, fact sheets, and/or articles to write the pitch notification;
  • Spokesperson’s availability — date(s) and times, allowing for about five to six interviews per hour;
  • Minimum of ten business days lead time; and
  • Basic demographic and geographic information for targeting.

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